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Counseling Resources: Theory and Techniques I / II

A guide for students and faculty in the Malone Counseling and Human Development Program.

General information on counseling theories

Finding a journal article

Journal articles can provide in-depth information on the use and efficacy of specific therapies. The box below includes examples of articles on various theories.

It is easy to discover more articles through the "Search Everything" link on the library's web page. Simply choose "advanced search" and type in the theory, adding more search terms as desired. Example: "Behavior therapy" and "Autism."

When you start typing your subject, you'll see a drop-down menu with even more possibilities so you can expand or limit your search. Example: "person-centered therapy" or "client-centered therapy" or "rogerian therapy."

Limit the search further by choosing a date range and by selecting "academic journals" in the left side column.

You can also use the "Search Everything" link to find ebooks.


Specific therapies