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Techniques of Research : Library Resources

A guide for Graduate Student writing and research.

Library Resources

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Searching the Literature

Primary sources

Primary sources are the first publication of original research findings, usually published at least 2 years after the research begins, giving very detailed information. This type of information has not been interpreted by others. Primary sources can include:
* conference papers
* peer-reviewed journal articles
* theses
* technical reports and government reports
The term 'primary source' is also used for original documents such as letters, photographs, newspaper articles, Acts of Parliament, law case reports etc.

Secondary sources

New information from primary sources adds to the existing body of literature. Secondary sources cite primary sources, by reviewing the literature and summarising and evaluating the main findings. They are usually less detailed, but can be an excellent way to get a broad picture of a specialised area.
They can include:
* Review articles published in journals or annual review publications.
* Scholarly books, student textbooks or journal articles which cite previous publications. Some scholarly books may also include original information.

Tertiary or reference sources

Tertiary or reference sources contain information summarised from primary or secondary sources. They are usually at least twice removed from the original source of the information. These sources include reference works, such as dictionaries and encyclopaedias, handbooks, manuals and data books. The types of resources that will be of most use to you in your literature search will depend upon the type of information you require.