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Social Work Policy Analysis: Legislative History Research

Guidelines and links for finding information for SWK 312 comprehensive research paper.

How Does A Bill Become A Law

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eCFR (Code of Federal Regulations: Online)

dataplanet (formerly Sage Stats)

Statistics Resources

Hannah (Ohio) Capitol Connection

State of Ohio Resources

Policy Resources

Finding Legislative Documents


The Congressional Research Service compiles comprehensive and authoritative research reports for Congress.

EveryCRSReport strives to make these reports publicly available. Search by keyword for reports on your topic.

"Congressional Research Service reports are the best way for anyone to quickly get up to speed on major political issues without having to worry about spin — from the same source Congress uses."

Social Work - Federal and State Government Information Resources

This section provides information on social policy as established by federal, state, and local governments. Included are resources related to general information, policies, and statistics. For additional information on Government Document resources, check out the Government Documents Information guide.