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PE 418 - Outdoor Leadership: Nature Writing

Library research resources for students taking the outdoor leadership course.

Nature Writing

Nature writing is nonfiction, fiction prose or poetry about the natural environment. It often draws heavily on scientific information and facts about the natural world; at the same time, it is frequently written in the first person and incorporates personal observations of philosophical reflections upon nature. ~ from Wikipedia.

Edwin Way Teale 1899-1980

An American naturalist, photographer and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Teale's works serve as primary source material documenting environmental conditions across North America from 1930 - 1980. He is perhaps best known for his series The American Seasons, four books documenting over 75,000 miles of automobile travel across North America following the changing seasons. ~ from Wikipedia

Here they are in the Cattell Library:

Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919

The twenty-six president of the United States was a prolific author, and is responsible, through his writings and legislative actions, for helping to preserve more of the environment of the United States than any other individual - from the  DLB 275

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