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Malone University Archives: Friends Archives

A guide to the different archival collections held by Malone University and how to access their materials.

What's Here?

The Friends Archive contains the records of different communities within the EFC-ER.  These are organized by Quarterly Meeting/regional district and by Monthly Meeting/Church according to EFC-ER practice, and also include broader scopes, such as the Yearly Meeting records and publications for the EFC-ER as a whole. The collection also features historical records and photographs of EFC-ER missions and missionaries.

Handwritten record books in these collections date back to the early 1800s, but the Friends Archive holdings extend all the way to the current year.

Photographs, art, and beautiful textiles, both originals and replicas, have been donated to Malone University by various communities.  Many are too fragile to be handled, but most can be viewed (carefully!!).

Other Quaker and Friends Information

Accessing the Collection

Currently, the collections in the Friends Archives are largely unprocessed.  This means that they have been organized by region as they have come to us and generally labeled, but no folder indexes have been made as of yet.  Because of this, there are no browsable finding aids to let you know what resources we have.

Do not be dismayed!  Our always-growing collection of records, photographs, books, clothing, artifacts and more is still available for use.  A little more preparation will be required than would usually be the case.  If you have a question or a request, don't hesitate to contact the archivist detailing your research needs.  When you use an unprocessed collection, there is always a chance that you will find something amazing that no one has seen for two hundred years!

Friends Archive vs. Friends Library

The Everett L. Cattell Library has two different collections: the Friends Archive and the Friends Library.

What is the difference?

Friends Library materials can be accessed at will and checked out of the library, except for some rare and fragile materials that are stored separately.  These are published materials written by or about Quakers, including autobiographies and reference materials.

Friends Archive materials, on the other hand, are unpublished, raw materials, although many pieces, such as meeting minutes, also exist in published form.

Quarterly Meeting and District Records in Malone's Archives


Quarterly Meetings/Districts

Date Range - incomplete holdings

Contents - incomplete holdings

Adrian QM / Michigan District

1760 - 1987

Reports, Minutes, Treasurer's books, misc. groups

Alum Creek QM / Central Ohio District

1835 - 1977

Minutes, Reports

Cleveland QM / Northern Ohio District

1905 - 1982

Minutes, Financial reports & records

Damascus QM / Northeast Ohio District w Upper Springfield QM

1851 - 1979

Minutes, Reports, misc. groups

Goshen QM / Western Ohio District

1875 - 1953

Minutes, Treasurer's books

Grinnell QM / Western Ohio District

1953 - 1971

Reports, misc.

Hampton Roads QM / Virginia District

1953 - 1977

Reports, Minutes 

New Garden QM (Gurney-ite) split into Springfield QM and Damascus QM

1828 - 1836, 1837 - 1850, 1837 - 1883


Northeast Ohio District (Damascus QM)

1973 - 1996

Minutes, Executive Bd Minutes, Quaker Canyon, misc

Pelham QM / Niagara District



Penn QM / Penn District

1955 - 1989


Piedmont QM / Piedmont District

1951 - 1981

Reports, Ministry & oversight minutes

Redstone QM (Western PA)

1798 - 1869

photocopies of minutes from originals at Swarthmore College

Salem QM

1854 - 1937

Minutes, Ministry & oversight minutes

Short Creek QM / Eastern District

1807 - 1981

Wedding record book, Minutes, Reports

Western Ohio District (Goshen QM)

1971 - 1991

Reports, Treasurer's Book, misc.

EFC-ER History Chart

EFC-ER History



Ohio Yearly Meeting

1813 - 1827

Mt. Pleasant

Ohio Yearly Meeting


1869-1917 alternating Mt. Pleasant/Damascus

Ohio Yearly Meeting (Damascus) to distinguish it from OYM (Conservative)

1917 - 1964


Ohio Yearly Meeting (Damascus)

1965 – 1971

Canton (YM held at Malone College)

Evangelical Friends Church-Eastern Region (EFC-ER)

1972 – to date