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Malone University Archives: University Archives

A guide to the different archival collections held by Malone University and how to access their materials.

What's Here?

The University Archives, located in the Lower Level of the Everett L. Cattell Library, contains papers, images, audio visuals, and artifacts from throughout the life of Malone University.

Historical collections are divided by time period.  Materials from 1956 and on (beginning with the move of Malone College from Cleveland to Canton) are organized by department.  Other collections include the Presidential Collection, with documents by or about previous university presidents, and collections donated by alumni, among others.

These collections are supplemented by materials in the Malone Historical Collection, a cataloged collection of published materials that is also housed in the library's Lower Level.

Malone University Archives vs. the MHC

The Everett L. Cattell Library includes two different collections: the University Archives and the Malone Historical Collection (MHC).

What's the difference between the two?

The MHC contains not only published materials concerning the university's history, such as books written by former presidents and research published about the Malone family, but also the school's published materials, such as yearbooks, catalogs, theses, and periodicals.

The University Archives, on the other hand, contain the source materials used in those publications, such as photographs, faculty meeting minutes, and paste-ups for newspaper publications. 

There is some overlap between the two collections.  Catalogs that belonged to specific people, for instance, and that contain their notes, or collections of yearbooks donated by a single alumnus, will be in the Archives instead of the MHC.

If you have questions concerning the location of an item, don't hesitate to contact the archivist or a reference librarian.

Brief history of Malone University

1892 = March 17, 1892 Christian Workers Training School founded on Carnegie Ave. (East Prospect?) Ave., Cleveland; 6 students attended

1897 = Moved to 3219 Cedar Ave., Cleveland on the property adjoining First Friends Church. Changed name to Cleveland Bible Training School

1899 = Name changed to Friends Bible Institute and Training School

1909 = Opened Friends Bible Institute Academy, a private high school for college prep courses which closed in 1911

1911 = Name (unofficially?) changed to Cleveland Bible Institute; CBI began oversight of Children’s Country Training Home orphanage which closed after 5 years

1937 = Name changed to Cleveland Bible College

1945 = Moved to 3201 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

1946 = Added Chisholm mansion at 2827 Euclid Ave. for women’s residence hall

1956 = Name changed to Malone College

1957 = Moved to 515 25th St., Canton

2008 = Name changed to Malone University; address changed to 2600 Cleveland Ave., Canton

Malone University Presidents

J. Walter Malone + Emma Brown Malone, co-presidents, 1892-1918 (Walter = Emeritus Faculty)

Edgar A. Wollam,      1918-1921

Charles W. Butler,     1921-1936

Worthy A. Spring,     1936-1948

G. Arnold Hodgin,     1948-1951

Byron L. Osborne,     1951-1960  (Emeritus)

Everett L. Cattell,       1960-1972  (Emeritus)

Lon Randall,              1972-1981

Gordon Werkema,    1981-1988

E. Arthur Self,            1989-1994

Ronald G. Johnson,   1995-2007 (Emeritus)

Gary W. Streit,           2007-2010 

Wilbert J. Friesen,      2010- 2011 (Interim President)

David A. King,            2012-2022

Gregory J. Miller        2022 --

Searching the Collection

Every archives has a backlog; not every collection has a published finding aid to help you search online.  In the case of the University Archives, processing is in an early stage, so don't be discouraged if there don't seem to be collections relevant to your research desires.  Contact the archivist with your questions and she will let you know if there are materials that fit your needs.

Also, don't forget about the library collections!  The search box on the library's main page searches not only the main collection, but special collections such as the Malone Historical Collection, which includes yearbooks, catalogs, and many school publications, and the Friends Library, which has many volumes that pertain to the university's early history.

Finding aids for processed collections can be found here: