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Children and Adolescent Literature: Adolescent Literature

A guide featuring information about the library's juvenile and young adult collectionss , including information on award winners, Caldecott, Newbery, Coretta Scott King and more.

Young Adult/Adolescent Literature

Young-adult fiction or young adult literature, often termed as YA, is fiction written, published, or marketed to adolescents and young adults. The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) of the American Library Association (ALA) defines a young adult as someone between the ages of twelve and eighteen. Authors and readers of young adult (YA) novels often define the category as literature traditionally written for ages ranging from sixteen years to the age of twenty-five, while Teen Fiction is written for the ages of ten to fifteen.The terms young-adult novel, juvenile novel, young-adult book, etc. refer to the works in the YA category.

The subject matter and story lines of YA literature are typically consistent with the age and experience of the main character, but YA literature spans the spectrum of fiction genres. YA stories that focus on the specific challenges of youth are sometimes referred to as problem novels or coming-of-age novels. ~ from Wikipedia

A New Definition

"Does anyone any longer know what we mean by the term young-adult literature? Not so long ago, I would have said, without too much fear of contradiction, that it meant book for readers from 12 to 18 years old. But, over the course of the last several years, the term has grown so restlessly expansive that it now seems to embrace titles for readers as young as 10 and (arguably) as old as 35."  - Michael Cart; 2004

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Movies From YA Books

A partial list of movies adapted from YA books

YA Literature Awards

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YALSA's Teen Book Finder is a free app to help teens, parents, librarians and library staff, educators, and anyone who loves YA literature access to the past three years' of YALSA's awards and lists on their smartphone.

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Book Riot

More than a book review site, Book Riot is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are, "We like a good list just as much as we like a good review. We think you can like both J.K. Rowling and J.M. Coetzee and that there are smart, funny, and informative things to say about both and that you shouldn’t have to choose."