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Friends Library at Malone University: Home

The Friends Library houses a diverse collection of Quaker writings ranging from the historical to the contemporary. It includes Yearly Meeting Minutes, genealogical information, periodicals, reports, and books.

About the Friends Library at Malone University

The Friends Collection at Malone University contains a wide variety of books, documents, and other items of interest to the Friends community and others who seek to learn more about Quaker spiritual life and lifestyle, beliefs and doctrines. It spans the centuries from the 1600s to the present time, and covers the lives of Friends in various areas of the world. The collection also includes family papers, genealogies, and biographies for those seeking to learn more about the Friends.

The collection is housed on the third floor of Cattell Library. Additional resources are located in the Lower Level as part of the Friends Historical Archives. The library staff is available to help interested individuals find what they need. You can reach us through online chat option on our homepageemail, or phone.

How to find books in the Friends Library

Items in the Friends Library have ben assigned call numbers according to a cataloging system created just for this collection. Items deemed rare or fragile are stored separately. Contact a librarian for assistance.


7602-7613    Associations, Societies, Directories, Yearbooks, Calendars, Conferences, etc.

7615            Yearly Meeting Minutes

7617            Disciplines, Advices, Queries

7619            Epistles, Addresses, Yearly Meetings

7620            Local Meetings (Quarterly, Monthly, Preparative, etc.)

7624            Collections of Sermons, Tracts, Essays, Lectures, Series, Hymns by several authors (For individual authors see 7730-7774)

7630-7638    Education, Schools and Colleges, Scripture Teaching and Study, etc.

7640-7645    Social Work, Charities, Social Problems, American Friends Service Committee, Slavery, Race Relations, etc.

7650-7654    History and General Works

7655-7665    North America, United States

7667-7685    World, Individual Continents and Countries

7690-7698    Doctrines, Sermons, Ministry, Manner of Life and Customs, Specific Topics (examples: Inner Light, Prayer, Silent Waiting, Simplicity, Temperance, etc.)

7700            Devotional Literature, Meditations by Friends

7701-7706    Friends and Specific Wars (Examples: Civil War, WWII, Vietnam, etc.)

7708            Missions

7710-7717    Controversies, Separations, Various Branches of Friends

7720            Memorials, Collection Biographies

7721            Family Histories

7722-7726    Literature, Drama, Poetry, Fiction with Quaker characters, Juvenile non-fiction

7730-7744    Individual Authors, 1600-1799

7745-7759    Individual Authors, 1800-1999

7760-7774    Individual Authors, 2000—

7795            Anti-Quaker works

7796            Works Defending Friends

7798            Writings by non-Quakers with some Quaker Connection

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