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Friends Library at Malone University: Friends Meetings

The Friends Library houses a diverse collection of Quaker writings ranging from the historical to the contemporary. It includes Yearly Meeting Minutes, genealogical information, periodicals, reports, and books.

National and International Affiliations

There are also 2 groups that do not have formal national-level organizations

Conservative Friends (Wilburite) hold silent worship led by the "Inner Light" and encourage the older traditions such as plain dress

Independent Yearly Meetings - do not have a larger organizational structure but follow Quaker traditions


Yearly Meetings Chart

National affiliations


In Ohio

Friends General Conference (FGC)

Hicksite; Unprogrammed worship/ inward light

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting (OVYM) est. 1802 formerly Indiana YM; archives held at Wilmington College

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting (LEYM) est. 1939; HQ = Adrian, MI (OH, MI, PA, WV)

Friends United Meeting (FUM) formerly Five Years Meeting; now meets every 3 yrs

Orthodox; Christ-centered; open to the Light of Christ and the leading of God’s Spirit

Indiana Yearly Meeting (IYM) est. 1821; HQ = Muncie, IN

New Association of Friends est. 2013; 15 meetings from IYM

Wilmington Yearly Meeting est. 1891

Evangelical Friends Church International (EFCI)

Gurneyite: Programmed worship similar to most evangelicals/ “church” rather than “meeting”

EFC-ER (1965); HQ = Canton; formerly Ohio Yearly Meeting (Damascus); archives held at Malone University

Conservative Friends Yearly Meetings are highest level of affiliation

Wilburite: “Conserve” Friends traditions = plain dress + speech/ Christ within + Scripture / waiting worship

Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative). HQ = Barnesville, Ohio

Yearly Meetings with Ohio Connections

Evangelical Friends National and International

2008 = National: Evangelical Friends Church changed name to Evangelical Friends Church – North America (EFC-NA) comprised of 6 regions:

  • Eastern Region = (churches in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, Eastern Canada)
  • Mid-America
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Northwest
  • Southwest
  • Alaska

Evangelical Friends Church – International (EFCI) is comprised of 5 regions

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Latin America