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Friends Library at Malone University: Periodicals

The Friends Library houses a diverse collection of Quaker writings ranging from the historical to the contemporary. It includes Yearly Meeting Minutes, genealogical information, periodicals, reports, and books.

Friends Periodicals

A complete list of the periodicals held in the Cattell Library is listed in the boxes below

Most periodicals are located in the Friends Library on the 3rd Floor. Several titles and individual volumes have been relocated to the rare and fragile collection due to age and condition. 


Friends Periodicals A to F

The Advocate / United Society of Friends Women. [Muncie, Ind.] : United Society of Friends Women, 1977- v.93(1977)-
The American Friend. [Richmond, Ind., etc.] : [Friends Publication Board, etc.] v.1(1894)-v.67(1960)(Incomplete holdings)
Among friends. [Woodstock, Ill.] : Illinois Yearly Meeting [of the Religious Society of Friends], 19  - v.36(1985)-
The Barnabas express. Canton, Ohio : Evangelical Friends Church, Eastern Region, 1990- 1990-2013 (Incomplete holdings)
The British Friend: a monthly journal chiefly devoted to the interests of the Society of Friends Glasgow: Robert Smeal v.40(1882); v.41 (1882-1883)
The bugle. [Place of publication not identified] : Christian Endeavor Union of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends, [between 1940 and 1949?] v.7:no.4(1951:Apr./May),v.9(1953)-v.15(1958)(Incomplete holdings)
Bulletin. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [between 1900 and 1999]: Lake Erie YM v.28(1991)-  (Incomplete holdings)
The Bulletin of Friends Historical Association. [Philadelphia] : The Association, [1924-1961] v.13(1924)-v.50(1961)  Indexes to v.21(1932)-v.25(1936), v.41(1952)-v.45(1956)
Bulletin of the Friends' Historical Society of Philadelphia. Philadelphia : Leeds & Biddle Co., 1906-1923 v.1(1906)-v.12(1923)
The Bulletin of the Kansas Yearly Meeting. Wichita, Kan. : Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends Church, 19  -1954. v.14(1944/1945)-v.15(1945/1946), v.17(1947/1948)-v.23:no.5(1954:Oct.)(Incomplete holdings)
The Call : journal of spiritual reformation. Philadelphia : Religious Society of Friends, 1954-1959. v.1-5 (1954-1959)
The Canadian Friend. Newmarket, Ont. : Canadian Friend Pub. Association, 1905- v.91(1995)-
Christian worker. New Vienna, Ohio : Daniel Hill, John M. Hussey, 1871-1884. v.1(1871)-v.14(1884)
Christian worker. Chicago : Pub. Association of Friends, 1885-1894. v.15(1885)-v.24(1894)
Christian worker. New Vienna, Ohio : Daniel Hill, John M. Hussey, 1871-1884. v.14(1884)(scat.iss.) (See also Microfilm: v.1(1871)-v.14(1884))
Christian worker. Chicago : Pub. Association of Friends, 1885-1894. v.15(1885)-v.17(1887)(scat.iss.) (See also Microfilm: v.15(1885)-v.24(1894))
Christian worker and Gospel expositor. Chicago : Pub. Association of Friends, 1884-1885. v.14(1884)-v.15(1885)
Christian worker and Gospel expositor. Chicago : Pub. Association of Friends, 1884-1885. v.14(1884)-v.15(1885)(scat.iss.) (See also Microfilm: v.14(1884)-v.15(1885))
Concern : the concern of Evangelical Friends. Newberg, Ore. : Association of Evangelical Friends, 1959- v.1(1959)-v.8(1966)
The Courier Friends Council on Education 1953-1966 (incomplete)
The Earlham review. Richmond, Ind. : Earlham College, 1966-1972. v.1(1966/1967)-v.4:no.1(1972:spr./sum.)(v.2 incomplete)
EFM newsletter. Canton, Ohio : Evangelical Friends Mission, 1978-1980. v.1(1978:Oct.)-v.3:no.3(1980:July)(introductory letter dated June 8,1978 bound in front)
EFM world. Newburg, Or. : Evangelical Friends Alliance, 1980-2000. v.3:no.4(1980:Oct.)-v.6:no.1(2000:winter)(Incomplete holdings)
Evangelical Friend. Newberg, Or. : [Evangelical Friends Alliance], 1967-1994. v.1(1967/1968)-v.27(1993/1994)
The Evangelical Friend. Butler, Ind. : The Evangelical Friend Publication Board, 1929-1967. v.1(1929)-v.39:no.6(1967:June/July)
The Facing Bench Canton, Ohio: Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region v.1 (1979) - v.35 (2013) incomplete
FCNL Washington newsletter. Washington : The Committee. no. 172 (1958)  nl 283 (1967) no.332(1971:Dec.)-no.649(2000:Nov/Dec)(Incomplete holdings) (Malone patrons may access online archives by clicking on: Connect to web site.)
Foundation papers. Camp Hill, Pa. : New Foundation Fellowship : George Fox Fund, 2002- no.74(2002:Mar./Apr.)-no.127(2015:Jan-June)
The Friend. London : [Charles Gilpin], 1843- v.119(1961)-v.127(1969),v.130(1972)-v.134:1(1976:Jan 7)(v.120,121,132 incomplete)(scattered issues in 1863,1874,1894,1898,1922,1932,1940,1944,1945,1948-1952,1954,1955,1957-1959,1972,1973,1976)
The Friend. Philadelphia : The Friend. v.1(1827/1828)-v.128(1954/1955)(Incomplete holdings)(Shelved in the Second Floor Rare & Fragile Room)
The Friend, or, Advocate of truth. [Philadelphia] : M.T.C. Gould, 1828- v.2:no.19-24(1829:8th mo.7-12th mo.16)

Friends Periodicals F to M

A Friendly letter / Chuck Fager. [Baileys Crossroads, VA] : C. Fager, c1981-1993. no.1(1981:3d mo.)-no.134(1993:1st mo.)
Friendly news letter. Guilford College, N.C. : [North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends Central Committee], 19  - v.30(1972)-v.60(2004)(Incomplete holdings)
Friendly woman. [St Paul, Minn.] : [publisher not identified], [1974]- v.10:8(1992)-v.12:2(1995)
Friends Association for Higher Education : FAHE. Greensboro, NC : Friends Association for Higher Education, 1988- v.8[i.e. 7]:no.4(1988/1989:spr.)-  (Incomplete holdings)
Friends Bible school quarterly Chicago First quarter(1896)
Friends Expositor   v.1 (1887) - v.6 (1892) Rare/Fragile Cabinet
Friends General Conference quarterly. Philadelphia : Friends General Conference, 1968- v.4(1972),v.12:2(1980:Win)-v.13:4(1981:Sum),v.16(1984)-v.23:no.1(1990:winter/spring)(Incomplete holdings)
The Friends herald. Urbana, Ohio : Friends Herald Publication Board, Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church, 1921-1928. v.1(1921/1922)-v.9:no.3(1928:Dec.)(Incomplete holdings)
Friends Hospital Advocate   1977-1987 (scattered issues)
Friends' intelligencer. Philadelphia : Friends' Intelligencer Association, [1902-1955] v. 95 (1938) - v.112 (1955)
Friends' intelligencer. Philadelphia : Wm. W. Moore, 1853-[1885]. v. 11 (1854), v.16 (1859) R/F cabinet
Friends' intelligencer and journal. Philadelphia : [Friends' Intelligencer Association], [1888-1901]. 1895-1901
Friends journal. [Philadelphia] : [Friends Pub. Corp.] v.1 1955- (incomplete holdings)
Friends' miscellany. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified]   (Philadelphia : Printed for the editors by J. Richards). v.2 (1831) - v.11 (1838) (incomplete holdings)
Friends' missionary advocate. Chicago, Ill. : Publishing Association of Friends, 1885-1976. v.1(1885)-v.92(1976)(Incomplete holdings)
Friends oriental news. Damascus, Ohio : Missionary Board of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends in the interest of American Friends Missions in Asia, 1908-1962. v.1 (1908) - v.51 (1962) 
The Friends' quarterly. Ashford, Kent : Headley Brothers Ltd. v.7(1953)-v.14(1960)  v.23(1983)-v.24:3(1984:July)  v.29:5(Jan 1995)- (Incomplete holdings)
Friends Review: a religious, literary and miscellaneous journal   v.1 (1847-1848) - v.20 (1866-1867) (incomplete holdings)
The Friends voice / Evangelical Friends International/ North America Region. Newberg, OR : Barclay Press, 1995- v.1(1995)-v.10(2004)
Friend's witness to scriptural truth. Rushden, [Eng.] : S. L. Hunt. v.1 (1908) - v.8 (1915)
Friends world news : news bulletin of the Friends World Committee for Consultation. London : The Committee, [between 1940 and 1949] #69 (1963) - #131 (1988) (incomplete holdings)
Fruit of the vine. Portland, Or : Barclay Press, 1961- v.1 1961-
In and around the U.N. New York, NY : Quaker Office at the United Nations, 1967- 1984-June 2011 (Incomplete holdings) (Click link to search online archives.)
Indian report / Friends Committee on National Legislation. Washington, D.C. : Friends Committee on National Legislation I-44 (Spr/Sum 1993)-- I-91 (Spr 2012) (Incomplete holdings)  Newsletter now issued online
The Interchange / Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. Baltimore : Yearly Meeting v.68:2(1992:May)-v.91:2(2015:Spr) (Incomplete holdings)
Inward light. [Washington, D.C.] : [Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology] v.22 no.57(Sum 1959)-v.44 no.97(Fal/Win 1981-82)(incomplete holdings)
The Journal of the Friends' Historical Society. London : Headley Brothers   Philadelphia, U.S.A. :  American Friend  Office, 1903- v.4(1907), v.6(1909), v.9(1912), v.22(1925)-v.24(1927), v.54:3(1978), v.55:3-5(1985-1987) v.57(1994) - online access
Korea Quaker News   #1 (1975) - #18 (1980)
Korea Report   #2 (1978) - #10 (1981)
Martin family news. [Place of publication not identified] : Martin Family Association, 1985- v.1 (1985) - v.7 (1991) (incomplete holdings)
The Meeting house. Locust Valley, N.Y. : Friends Academy, 1965- v.3 (1967) - v.8 (1972) scattered issues; v.10 (1974) - v.32 (1997)
Miscellaneous repository. Mount Pleasant, Ohio : Printed and published by Elisha Bates, 1827-1836. v.2 (1829) - v.5 (1833)
The Missionary voice of evangelical Friends. Portland, Or. : Board of Missionary Publications of Ohio, Kansas and Oregon Yearly Meetings of Friends Church, 1955-1967. v.1 (1955) - v.13 (1967)

Friends Periodicals N to W

The New England Friend. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [1946?] v.20 (Mar-Dec 1965)- (Incomplete)
The New Englander : news of Friends in New England. [Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified] : 1945-[1946?] v.1 (1945-1946)
New foundation papers. [Kutztown, Pa.] : [George Fox Fund, Inc.], [1980-2001] no.1(July 1980)-nos.72/73(Aug/Dec 2001)
News from Quaker House. Fayetteville, NC : Quaker House, [between 1900 and 1999]-1992. 1978 - 1992 
Newsletter / Friends Association for Higher Education. Greensboro, NC : The Association, 1981-1988. v.1(1981/1982)-v.7:no.3(1988:winter)
Northwest Friend. Portland, Or. : Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends Church. 1947 - 1967 (incomplete)
The Olive leaf. New Vienna, Ohio : John M. Hussey, Printer, [18  -] v.10:2(1882?)-v.27:6(June 1899) (Scattered issues)
The Olney Current   v. 83:2 (1980) - v.84 (1980/81)
Peace & justice journal. Dayton, Ohio : American Friends Service Committee, 1989- v.3:4(Apr./May 1989)-v.7:3(Spr. 1993) (msg. v.4:6(Aug./Sep. 1990))
Peacework. [Cambridge, Mass.] : American Friends Service Committee, 1973- no.126(1984)-no.397(Sep 2009)
Present day papers. Haverford, Pa. : Present day papers. v.1 (1914) - v.2 (1915)
Q.E.G. Philadelphia, Pa. : Friends Council on Education, 1970- v.3 (Sept 1972) - v. 17 (May 1988)
Quaker action. Philadelphia, PA : American Friends Service Committee, [2004]- v.85(2004)- (v.88, 96- incomplete)
The Quaker bonnet. Fowler, Kan. : Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends, W.M.U., 1960- v.2 (1960)-  (Incomplete holdings)
Quaker history. [Haverford, Pa.] : Friends Historical Association. v.51 (1962)-   Indexes for v.51-55, 56-60, 61-65
Quaker life. [Richmond, Ind.] : [Friends United Press, etc.] ser. 1(1960:Sept)-ser. 57:3(May/June 2016)  new ser. 1:1(Jul-Sep 2016)-
Quaker quill / Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. [Louisville, Ky.?] : The Meeting. v.11:2(June 1987)-v.33(2008) (Incomplete holdings) Use the Journal Finder to locate full-text online.
Quaker Quill   Women's Missionary Fellowship-Eastern Region v.12 (1983) - v.21 (1992) (scattered issues)
Quaker religious thought. [Rio Grande, Ohio, etc.] : [publisher not identified] v.1 (1959)-
Quaker service bulletin / American Friends Service Committee. [Philadelphia, Pa.?] : American Friends Service Committee, [1970-2003] v.59(1978)-v.84:2(Fall 2003) (Incomplete holdings)
The restorationist. Highland Hills, N.J. : [publisher not identified], 1969- v.1(Sum 1969)-v.2:1(Spr 1971)
The Soul-winner Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Bible College v.1 (1902) - v.2 (1903) originals; v.1--4 copies
The Southwest Friend. Wichita, Kan. : Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends Church, 1954-1967. v. 23 (1954) - v.36:1 (1967) 
Spark. New York, N.Y. : New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. v.24:1-3 (Jan,Mar,May 1993), v.25:4 (Sep 1994)-  (Incomplete holdings)
Stanley news : newsletter of the National Stanley Family Association. Hastings, Neb : The Association v.12:3(2001:Aug)- (Incomplete holdings)
The Tri-state peace & justice journal. Dayton, Ohio : Dayton Area Office, American Friends Service Committee, 1986-1989. v.1(Nov. 1986)-v.3:3(Feb./Mar. 1989)
The voice of evangelical Friends in North America. Newberg, OR : Evangelical Friends International-North America Region, 2004-2010. v.10:2(Aug 2004)-v.16:2(Dec 2010)
Wednesday morning   1970 - 1989
Western Friend. Baxter Springs, Kan. : Published by an Association of Friends, 1879-1890. 1879 - 1889 scattered
The Wilmington Friend. Wilmington, Ohio : Wilmington Yearly Meeting of Friends, 19-- v.32 (1982)-  (incomplete holdings)
WMU newsletter. [Wichita, Kan.] : Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends, 1959-1960. v.1 (1959-1960)