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ENG 3XX - Living Traditions: ENG 387 - Jane Austen

This guide supplements ENG 3XX Living Traditions course, which looks at six different authors over six semesters.

Jane Austen

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NOTE: All of Jane Austen's novels are available in the library (823 Au74__) and online. 

Some titles include a summary which can be seen by hovering over the title. 

Books on Samuel Richardson

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Full-text articles from EBSCO Discovery Layer (Pioneer Trail): 

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The library houses various interpretations of Jane Austen's novels on film which are located under 791.4572 and the initials of the title. Listed here are just a few:

ENG 387 - Living Traditions: Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s novels-despite the “chick lit” reputation film treatments have lent them-are anything but light beach reading. Set against backdrops of war, transgressive sexuality, and venomous rivalries, abiding human desires for money and power compete with more virtuous ideals, where heroines of sincere belief in loving marriage parry with oftentimes Byronic heroes struggling to square morality with the demands of their rank and status. We will read a smattering of her minor writings (poetry, prayers, short stories, and a farcical play) before concentrating on her best novels. After reaching back to classical influences like Aristotle and the Bible, and after looking at more immediate precursors like Richardson’s epistolary novel and Mary Wollstonecraft, we will reach forward to the Romantic era and to her influence on popular romance fiction, and ultimately on the Harry Potter series and modern vampyric heroes.

Austen Influences

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