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Business Resources: Marketing

A guide filled with research resources for the School of Business and Leadership.

Getting Started

So, you have a group marketing project and you don't know where to begin. Here is a brief step-by-step tutorial to get you started:

Determine the industry type by going to the  Business Source Complete database

  •    Search by company name or business type 
  •    Locate the NAICS Code and Industry designation (if listed)

Go to EBSCOHost (standard interface) database

   Select databases you wish to search. A few good choices are:

   Academic Search Complete/Premier
   Business Search Complete/Premier
   Regional Business News

In the search box, type in the NAICS code or company/industry name. if required, select "Published Date from" to set parameters for a certain timeframe 

For  SWOT analysis information, type SWOT next to company/industry name, or under "Special Delimiters for.." select SWOT Analysis under Publication Type.

Note: in top right column, a list of companies under your selected industry may be listed.


Popular Databases

Use these inks tfor business databases available to you from the Malone library:

Online Resources

A few online resources


Search for company information. Company filings are available starting in 1994

Public company data filed as mandated by law.
10K=annual reports
10Q=quarterly reports

Marketing -Organizations

American Public Media: Marketplace

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